Food Safety Standard 3.2.2A

Food Safety Standard 3.2.2A

Published by Andrew Thomson

Andrew is an experienced and trusted food safety consultant, and a highly regarded learning and development advisor. He has advised government agencies in Australia and overseas on food safety matters.


18 December 2022

The national food regulator, Food Standards Australia New Zealand created Standard 3.2.2A and published changes to the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code on 8 December 2022.  Food service and food retail businesses preparing ready-to-eat and potentially hazardous foods will have 12 months to comply.

Summary of key points:

  • Two business risk classifications:

Category 1

  1. is a *caterer or a food service; and
  2. processes unpackaged potentially hazardous food into a food that is:
      • potentially hazardous food; and
      • ready-to-eat food.

Category 2

A food business that offers for retail sale a food that is:

  1. potentially hazardous food; and
  2. ready-to-eat food; and

where that food:

    • was received unpackaged by the food business or was unpackaged by the food business after receipt; and
    • was not made or processed (other than slicing, weighing, repacking, reheating or hot-holding the food) by the food business.
  • Appoint a Food Safety Supervisor to advise and supervise food handlers for tasks performed before they engage in preparing food for sale. An accredited training short course by a Registered Training Organisation or by an organisation recognised by the food authority in each state and territory under the relevant legislation.
  • Food handlers must have completed a food safety training course or can demonstrate skills and knowledge of food hygiene and food safety for tasks performed. The training must include:
  • safe handling of food; and
  • food contamination; and
  • cleaning and sanitising of food premises and equipment; and
  • personal hygiene.
  • Records must be kept substantiating food handling activities that are prescribed. Records must be kept for three months after the record has been made.

This requirement does not apply to a food business that can demonstrate to the reasonable satisfaction of an *authorised officer on request that the business has complied with each of the prescribed provisions.

  • FSANZ is also seeking a positive food safety culture within food service and retail food businesses.


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