Workshop Program

Safe Food is Good Business

Safe Food is Good Business is a practical and interactive online coaching program designed to transform your food business.

By participating in this PREMIUM goto program, you’ll gain valuable insights, connect with industry peers and take tangible steps to transform your food business into a safe and successful operation. Here are some ways this hybrid program can transform your business:

Improved Food Safety Practices and Compliance

Strengthen Competitive Advantage

Building a Food Safety Culture

Meeting Customer Expectations

Save Time and Money

Build Business Growth

Increased Customer Trust

More information about the program?

Safe Food is Good Business is a 7-week program designed for chefs in leadership roles, business owners, and operational leaders responsible for food safety. Through practical on-the-job tasks, you’ll develop the skills and confidence to effectively manage food safety in your workplace and improve standards.

This is not a traditional course of reading information on a screen and answering a few questions. It will require you to get involved and learn with and from others through conversation and reflection. Practical and relevant on-the-job tasks will help you better understand and improve standards of food safety.

The program aims to equip chefs, business owners, and leaders with the skills and knowledge, strategies and confidence to effectively manage food safety in their workplaces. It encourages continuous improvement, empowers teams, and promotes a culture of excellence in food quality and safety standards.

Cost: $497 per participant

What’s included?

Participants can expect the following elements to support their learning and progress:

Weekly 1-Hour Live Zoom Sessions
Workbooks as Information Resources
Online Reporting
Checklists and business tips
Opportunity for Ongoing Support

These additional components enhance the learning experience, promote engagement, and provide a platform for ongoing growth and development. They enable participants to actively apply their knowledge, reflect on their experiences, share insights, and seek support when needed.

The program aims to create a supportive and dynamic learning environment that facilitates continuous improvement and success in food safety practices and business operations.

Customised Program

We also offer a custom-made program to train the whole team, so please contact Think ST Solutions if you are interested in a customised program to suit your needs.

Corporate Support

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