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Welcome to Think ST Solutions – Where Food Safety Meets Business Excellence!

I’m Andrew Thomson, and I’m thrilled that you’ve found your way to our website. At Think ST Solutions, we’re driven by a deep passion and a mission: to empower chefs, leaders, hospitality and food service business owners to not only excel in their roles but to transform their food operations into beacons of safety and excellence.

With over 23 years of field experience, I’ve accumulated a wealth of expertise and formal qualifications. I’ve had the privilege of presenting at conferences in Australia and New Zealand and contributing as a writer for Westwick-Farrow Media, a prominent industry media house.

My career journey began as an Environmental Health Officer and Food Industry Teacher and has since evolved into leadership roles within the food service industry. I take pride in holding qualifications as a teacher and lead auditor, among others.

What truly distinguishes Think ST Solutions isn’t just our qualifications, but the tangible RESULTS we consistently deliver to our diverse clients.

Andrew Thomson, Think ST Solutions

Andrew Thomson
Director, Think ST Solutions

Our approach is simple yet powerful – we provide expert guidance and coaching, walking leaders through proven strategies that deliver tangible results. Food safety isn’t just a tickbox; it’s a competitive advantage and with the right strategies, you can make swift and impactful improvements.

If you’re here, you’re likely seeking a coach or consultant to elevate your food quality and safety standards. Congratulations – selecting the right coach or consultant is the first step toward genuine SUCCESS. I’ve personally experienced the transformative impact of having remarkable coaches in my life, and I believe in the profound benefits of investing in expert guidance.

So, if you’re looking to enhance your food quality and safety standards to strengthen your food business while gaining a significant marketing edge to boost PROFITS, you’re in the right place. Take the first step by requesting a 20-minute complimentary Food Safety Strategy Session. I’m excited to explore how we can potentially add to your profits, all while streamlining your business operations.

At Think ST Solutions, we don’t just talk about excellence – we deliver it. Join us on this journey towards food safety, business excellence, and lasting success.

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