Chefs Play A Pivotal Role In Improving Food Safety

Chefs Play A Pivotal Role In Improving Food Safety

Published by Andrew Thomson

Andrew is an experienced and trusted food safety consultant, and a highly regarded learning and development advisor. He has advised government agencies in Australia and overseas on food safety matters.


24 May 2023

Chefs! – take advantage of the opportunities provided by the introduction of the latest food safety laws to improve standards of food quality and safety by reviewing what you make and how you make food and ensuring that you are meeting the expectations of customers and regulators alike.

Food safety is not just about following regulations and avoiding penalties. Everyone involved in the food business must prioritise the safety of the customer at all times as the food handling actions and decisions made directly affects the health and well-being of your customers. By ensuring that the food you serve is safe to consume, you are putting your customers’ needs first.

Implementing correct food safety measures can help prevent a food safety incident from occurring, which can have serious consequences for your customers. A food business involved in a food poisoning incident often struggles to safeguard its brand and reputation and keep afloat. A food business that values its customers will build trust and loyalty. Your customers will appreciate your commitment to their health and safety.

Investing in food safety training and development, regularly monitoring your food handling processes and implementing safety control checks are just a few ways you can demonstrate your commitment to putting your customers first. By prioritising food safety, you can create a safer, healthier and more trusting environment for your customers to enjoy their meals, which ultimately means the growth and success of your food business.

What’s your strategy and plan to improve standards of food quality and safety?